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Model VS-DC Short Retractable Soot Blower

Model VS-DC Short Retractable Soot Blower is a short travel, approximately 10 inches, retractable type unit used primarily for cleaning slag from the boiler wall tubes.


  • The soot blower can either be driven by electric motor , air motor, or manual operation.
  • Mounting of the soot blower is flexible in that it can be mounted conventionally with the poppet valve straight down, out to the left or straight out to the right.
  • Blowing pressure can be changed by moving the adjustable pressure control disc.
  • Blowing medium can be superheated steam, saturated steam or compressed air.
  • A unique floating disc design allows for proper sealing of the blowing medium during temperature change.
  • Effective control of the start stop position of the venturi eliminates boiler tube erosion.

Diagrams & Data

Main Technical Data

  • Travel

  • 267 ± 12.7mm

  • Blowing Head

  • 0.8 ~ 1.5Mpa

  • Efficient blowing radius

  • ~2m

  • Traveling moving speed

  • 290mm/min

  • Rotation speed

  • 2.5r.p.m.

  • Nozzle number and size

  • 1 x25.4

  • Nozzle back rake angle

  • Medium consumption

  • 30 ~ 90KG/min

  • Electric motor

  • 0.18KW/3P/50Hz

  • Weight

  • ~110KG

Furnace Sootblower General Drawing

VS-DC Drive Mechanism


VS-DC sootblower is mainly made up of gooseneck valve, feed tube, lance and nozzle, speed-down transmission mechanism, backing plate, electric control mechanism, and protective cover.

VS-DC Sootblower
VS-DC Sootblower Layout